Interview: Maria Baghramian on the topic of “Truth, Trust and Expertise”

From doubting the truth to putting Truth into question: Post-truth and the loss of faith in experts. With Maria Baghramian Interviewed by Dr Fabio Gironi, Institute of Philosophy, University of Potsdam for the magazine  il Tascabile (see here for original Italian version: http://www.iltascabile.com/societa/la-verita-in-dubbio) Q: Every philosophical movement needs to be placed in its historical and social context. It...
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Irish Research Council celebrates Science Week 2017

To mark Science Week 2017, the Council are highlighting topical questions that its funded researchers are finding answers to by lighting up the well-known Dublin City Council Building on Dame Street with a series of light projections. The light projections will be switched on from 5pm to midnight every day from Monday, 13 November to...
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Methods Under The Microscope: A Workshop

October 27, 2017 UCD Humanities Institute, University College Dublin This workshop explores philosophical perspectives on methodology and methodological diversity. What can philosophers learn from the methods of other disciplines? Is the analytic/continental divide a methodological divide? In what ways should philosophers be accountable to empirical facts? And do philosophers have genuine expertise in their own...
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UCD Ulysses Medal for Philosopher Onora O’Neill

Pictured above: UCD President Professor Andrew J. Deeks presents the Ulysses medal to Baroness Onora O’Neil; and below, Professor Maria Baghramian, UCD School of Philosophy, and Baroness O’Neill at UCD Baroness Onora O’Neill, who has dedicated her career to investigating trust and justice in public life, has been awarded the UCD Ulysses Medal by University College Dublin....
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Disagreement in Science and Beyond

Programme Day 1: Monday July 3 9.30-10.20 Paul Boghossian (New York University) Normative relativism and disagreement 10.20-11.10 Adam Carter (University of Glasgow) Archimedean Metanorms 11.10-11.30 Coffee Break 11.30-12.20 Nick Hughes (UCD School of Philosophy, IRC Postdoctoral Fellow) A Dilemmic Approach to the Epistemology of Disagreement 12.20-1.10 Huw Price (University of Cambridge and CSER) My Dinner with Andrea –...
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