Who's Involved

An interdisciplinary study involving: Epistemologists, philosophers of science, astrophysicists and environmental scientists.

Our Focus

The project specifically addresses the societal challenge of climate change.

Intellectual Motivation

We do not have a good understanding of the underlying conditions for disagreements among peer experts and their impact.

Principal Investigators

Project Researchers

Climate Science, Disagreement and Policy: A multidisciplinary investigation

An Interdisciplinary Workshop hosted by When Experts Disagree (WEXD) Research Project (UCD School of Philosophy and Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies)


Thursday November 10, 2016
Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 10 Burlington Road, Dublin

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Latest News

The ultimate goal of the project is to gain a better understanding of the role and consequences of disagreement among scientific experts and its implications for policy decisions by governmental agencies and the formation of public opinion.